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Auburn Leathercrafters

At Auburn Leathercrafters, we manufacture high-quality leather products for your pets. We are committed to bringing you products that reflect the pride of being made in the USA. Our employees have years of experience in the pet product industry, and our service department is friendly and reliable. We test our products for strength and durability and believe we bring you, simply, the best.

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Bare Bites

Bare Bites is a dog, cat, and horse treat company based in Frederick, Maryland, wholesaling treats to small and large retailers, with no direct consumer sales. We do encourage you to shop at your local retailer. If none are available in your area, please use our authorized reseller on Amazon. Bare Bites products are produced with minimal ingredients. No chemicals, no additives, no preservatives. Just a little bit of added love and 100% guaranteed.

Baylee Nasco

Luxury pet beds made in the USA!

Dog Speak

Dog Speak is a US-based wholesale company with over 500 pet gifts for pet-lovers. Our products are available in over 1200 retailers across the country. In 2005, I began creating a line of greeting cards that would reflect the same loving and humorous sentiments that I received from my dogs. In the years since, our catalog has expanded to include memorial stones, shirts, mugs, signs, magnets, coasters, and many other gifts for pet-lovers.

Elmo's Closet

Elmo’s Closet offers a wide assortment of fun and functional accessories for both pets and people. Our products are available in hundreds of prints as well as some unique specialty fabrics such as flannel, corduroy, denim, and silk. Natural fibers are the signature component of our products. The fabrics are soft against the skin, hypoallergenic, and ultra comfortable.

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fetch! Dog Treats was started in 2012 by Jackie Lovern soon after bringing home her beloved Minature Schnauzer, Sargent Pepperoni. She was paying a premium for good food, but truly healthy treats were in short supply, so she set out on a mission to develop treats that she could not only trust but wouldn't mind eating herself. Now her treats are available in independently owned stores across the country, online and at her own bakery in Buffalo, NY.

Katie's Pet Products

Katie's Pet Products' focus is to bring you the best high quality supplements to help you and your pets reduce inflammation and increase your immune systems for better health. We are your source for holistic pet supplements. Our focus is on finding unique products that solve problems. We focus on boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation with 13 different brands.


Founded in 1994, Mendota Pet has been providing high quality, made-in-the-USA dog leashes and products. Handcrafted in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Mendota’s gear for dogs is built to last,. In fact, we guarantee it for the life of your pet. Mendota Pet manufactures USA made pet products that include gear, supplements, skin care and show for discriminating pet owners.

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Puppy Cake

In 2007, I was looking at old cake mix advertisements and thought, "Wouldn't it be great if they made that for dogs?" And so I founded Puppy Cake. It started with healthy cakes and grew to a whole line of treats, including our bestselling cake mixes and ice cream mixes. I personally oversee all of the manufacturing of our Puppy Cake products to ensure safety and quality with every product. We only make products that are good enough for us to eat.

Try our NEW Birthday Cake flavored products with sprinkles! Comes in ice cream, cake mix and cake mix kits.

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Scout and Zoe's

At Scout and Zoe's, I make it my commitment to create treats that offer a diversity of proteins with human-grade ingredients produced in the United States in USDA Inspected facilities.


Snoozer was established in Greenville, South Carolina, in 1985 with the intention of manufacturing the finest dog beds, dog car seats, dog sofas, and pet accessories available at affordable prices. The same values that drove the establishment of the company then remain instilled in the company today. Snoozer is family owned and operated, and most of our products are sewn and assembled by hand here in the USA.

Vee Enterprises

For over 30 years, Vee Enterprises has been a pioneer and innovator of cat toys, raising and redefining the bar for others to reach. With their groundbreaking debut in 1988, Vee Enterprises introduced the first interactive cat toy, The PURRfect® Cat Toy. Bringing together teaser elements of movement and sound with durable pet safe materials, this toy raised eyebrows and standards in the industry, gaining the Cat Fancy Grand Award for Best New Cat Product of 1992.